Books on Mt. Kailash and Tibet

These are the most important books, in my opinion, therefore I would like to recommend them if you like to have some background information on the holy mountain. Some of them are all about Mt. Kailash and some have sections on Mt. Kailash as well as information on Tibet and spiritual aspects of Tibetan Buddhism.

  1. The sacred life of Tibet : By Keith Downman 
  2. Power places of Tibet: By Keith Downman
  3. The way of the white clouds: By Lama Govinda
  4. The Sacred mountain: By John Snelling
  5. Walking to the holy mountain: By Wendy Rowe
  6. Kailash Manasarovar: By Swami Pranavananda
  7. Tibet Hand Book : By Gurme Dorje

Picture: Hans-Peter Riesen, Para Tours, Bern, Switzerland,