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Guge Kingdom was founded around tenth century by a descendant of King Lang Darma, who came from Lhasa after the collapse of the Tubo Kingdom. The kingdom, playing an important role in the second transmission in Tibet, survived about 700 years and disappeared in the 17th century.
Guge Kingdom
Mout Kailash
Lake Manasarova (Mapam Tso) located in front of  Mt.Kailash is considered as holy and also circumambulated by pilgrims in contrast to the neighboring ghostly Lake Rakshastal
Lake Manasarova
Namtso, another holy lake in Tibet, near Damxung lays 4718 meters above sea level. It is the second largest saltwater lake in the world.
Lake Namtso
On the Road
On the Road
The Saga Dawa festival at Mt. Kailash is also the beginning of the pilgrimage season.
Saga Dawa
The Zurpu Monastry was the seat of the Karmapa
Zurpu Monastry