New Special (Oktober)

23rd October – 1st November 2019 / 830 Euro – TIHAR, “Festival of light”. Bookings are open

“Blessings of Kathmandu and Hyolmo” tour leader Federico A spacious ten-day journey into the sacredness of a unique land, among temples, monasteries and nature. Thought out for those wishing for a direct contact with sacred places, landscapes and Nepali culture with preference for alternative paths and perspectives. Limited to a maximum of ten people, the itinerary will take you through several contemplation spaces in Kathmandu to then continue with a light trek in one of the sacred valleys of Tibetan Buddhism, where pristine nature and meditation caves meet.

Federico is strongly connected to Tibetan Buddhism and interested in culture and religions of the world. He works as a freelance project manager and did so in Nepal for three years, exploring its beauty and contradictions. He keeps on travelling the less beaten tracks and sharing the gems that come its way, particularly in the Himalayan region: Detailed description

Tailor-made itinerary on request