About the tour operator

My name is Roger Pfister, I am Swiss, born in Bern, 1960 and based in Kathmandu. I am fluent in English and German and have a basic knowledge of Italian and French.

Since 1995 I have been living at Bodhnath Stupa in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Where I was working 5 and a half years up to spring 2000 as a volunteer for the charity project ROKPA Nepal.

The project runs a children’s home for 42 kids, mostly street children, which I was supervising.  ROKPA also provides a medical clinic and women’s workshops for self-training.  During the cold winter months ROKPA has a soup kitchen providing the poor with free food, medical care and clothing.Rokpa Nepal

1996 up to 2019; I made annual Vipassana retreats in Thailand Wat ram Poeng  Wat Ram poeng insight meditation center and India, Bodgaya and Sarnath with Christpoher Titmuss and Jaya Ashmore Christopher Titmuss Vipassana meditation .

In winter ’97/98 I started to study Tibetan Buddhism for two semesters at a Shedra (Buddhist university) in the Ka-Ling Gompa, Bodhnath. Shedra

99/2000 I was attending the teachings of Kenpo Tsultrim Rinpoche  in the Pullahari gompa Bodhnath Pullahari  Nepal.

My first trip to Mt. Kailash was in spring ’96 and since then I have walked over 100 circuits of the mountain and 14 of Lake Manasarovar.  So far my visits to the holy mountain have taken place in all the months from April to November. Since I was working as a volunteer, I have had to look for a way of combining my special interests with paid work.  I wanted to share my high appreciation of Tibet with others and to give them my support by letting them benefit from my experience and expertise.  So in ’98 I started to lead groups to the holy mountain and to organize budget trips for individuals, starting in Kathmandu and China (Chengdu).

About the tour operator