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Mt. Kailash – the most sacred mountain in the Tibetan Buddhist world is considered to be the centre of the universe. Uncannily symmetrical, this remote and remarkable peak is located in the far west of Tibet. 

For many, it is a primordial image of a stupa/ choerten, crowned with a glacier and a perfect cone of pure snow. Mt. Kailash has arguably, the unique distinction of being the world’s most venerated holy mountain while at the same time being the least visited. Being the sacred mountain of four different religions and over one billion people. Kailash is seen by no more than several thousand pilgrims every year.

The cosmologies and origin myths of Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism refer to Kailash as the mythical Mt. Meru, the Axis Mundi, the centre and birthplace of the entire universe. The mountain was already legendary before the great Hindu epics, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata were written. Mt. Kailash is so deeply embedded in the myths of ancient Asia that for many it is the location of the strongest cosmic power. Geologically Mt. Kailash was formed around 50 million years ago, whereas the Himalayas are considered to have evolved 10 million years ago.

In Sanskrit Kailas means luminous crystal. Hindus believe Mt.Kailash to be the abode of Lord Shiva. According to legend, the immortal Shiva is enthroned on the top of Kailash and the mountain is regarded as the location of exceptionally powerful transformation. Therefore a Hindu making the pilgrimage to Kailash and having a darshan (divine view) of Shiva’s abode is to attain release from the clutches of ignorance and delusion.

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Mt Kailash and the Walk around the Sacred Mountain

This movie is based on my annual “Only Mountains Tour” in 2015, made by an old friend, whom I met at a Buddhist meditation retreat in India more than 16 years ago, Tom Riddle.

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Extensive Mt. Kailash Tour with
Gyantse-Festival & Central Tibet

Over many years traveling through out Tibet I have combined the best period of time and festival in one trip – there are many highlights in terms of religion pilgrims and people of Tibet… – in short my favorite trip !

Gyantse, the 3rd biggest city in Central Tibet, holds some of the most precious clay statues of the 13th century and is located 91 km’s south east of Shigatse. It is one of the most picturesque cities in Tibet with an old fortress and the famous Kumbum Chorten which holds 77 Chapels with over 10’000 wall paintings that date back to the 14th – 15th century.

Every year at Saga Dawa (the day of Buddha’s enlightenment, nirvana and paranivana) the monastery celebrates a big festival over four days. This festival is not well known, which ensures that there will not be many tourists. Over the four days one has the chance to see the vivid way Tibetan pilgrims join the fire puja, Lama dances, Sand Mandala puja and finally the unrolling of the giant silk thanka.

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